Fire Country: Everybody was written like a jerk this week

Oh, Fire Country, the best good ‘bad’ action drama on television right now. This week we had the best looking disaster we’ve seen on the show so far, and also unfortunately some of the worst character development we’ve seen on this young program as well.

Let’s talk about both. Starting with the good stuff.

That malfunctioning ride this week was a spectacular looking accident. Those parts flying all over the place looked pretty fierce and really good on screen. It’s tough to get realistic looking fire and I’m always jabbing the Fire Country for never having an actual ‘fire’. I understand this. But this looked lovely.

Now, let’s talk about how crappy Bode was this week.

He treated Rebecca very poorly. And he’s ultra unlikable right now. A lead television protagonist on a network showcase shouldn’t be acting that way. He’s not Don Draper. This isn’t Mad Men. He did apologize but I wasn’t buying it. Throw Rebecca in the Charlie/Freddy heap of prisoners being handled like disposable characters. A terrible arc here.

The Manny and Eve storyline was confusing. One week Eve doesn’t want to be in charge. The next week she’s all in Manny’s business. What’s up with that? And they decided to give Gabriella the shakes. Didn’t this woman just jump off of a bridge three weeks ago?

And what happened to our arsonist? Where was Collin? This storyline was supposed to be hot. And now its’ disappeared. There is a lack of continuity. I know they’re playing with house money with season 2 already on the way, but we got an uneven viewing experience this week.

Let’s see what’s up next.

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