Fire Country: “I was in a prom bus with my homies like this last year”

Fire Country, The Best Good Bad show on television, was back this week, with a new episode and we had a much hyped guest star, and some severe pacing issues as the show speeds towards the end of it’s first campaign.

Blink and you would have missed Country Music Superstar, Kane Brown, who showed up, and had less than two minutes of screen time. He burned his hand, dropped off a bag of money, and jetted away. There wasn’t enough to really gauge Brown’s performance. That “this Robin’s got to fly” line hurt my soul. I guess we’ll all be asking “What If?” for the immediate future.

And the rest of the episode wasn’t exactly “Heaven”.

We had the introduction of Rebecca Mader’s Faye, who showed up and hooked up with Manny. I’m not even sure how a private fire fighting company would work. Let’s give this angle some time though.


While her dad was hooking up in the camp office, Gabriela went for a nature walk with Bode, (who is still in jail) to talk about the future. I swear Three Rock is more romantic than almost every other venue on network television. They’re going to star shooting episodes of The Bachelor here soon.

Some other quick notes.

The CO fainting was really weird. What’s up with that?

I get it that they need to give Eve something to do, but I don’t like the new mental health angle.


Why is Jake mad at the family that helped prove his innocence?

And what the hell happened to Sharon’s kidney disease? Its been weeks since they’ve even mentioned it.

We still had 13 minutes of show to go after that train accident. Pacing, pacing, pacing.

See you next time!

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