Grand Crew: The Sad Fisherman

Grand Crew was back with a new episode this week, and we had another winner as the show continued juggling multiple funny storylines for us to enjoy.

Let’s start at the end, with the running theme of Anthony’s ruined haircut, which forced him to wear multiple ridiculous hats. This meant that the crew got to roast him for almost the entirety of the 22 minutes with winners such as calling him a “sad fisherman”, “Low rent Paul Bunyan”, and my favorite “LL Fool J”.

We rolled the credits to “My Immortal” by Evanescence which led to the art you’re seeing on this post. It was glorious call-back comedy.

While we’re talking about roasting, let’s talk about Wyatt and Big Sherm’s angle with the latter teaching the former how to diss others. This was another winner. My favorite cuts had to be “You’re so old you ran track with Moses.”along with the all too real “And we all know that Toby isn’t your real son” and
“Your wife cheated with your chiropractor. I guess he’s breaking both of your backs”

The other storylines were solid as well. I got “Beef” vibes with Noah and his Yelp critic. Nikki sleep talking with her boyfriend was silly but fine.

This is solid comedy. I wish NBC would treat it better.

And I do wish the show would include Fay. This is her second show she’s missed. I understand that they omit cast members to save money (American Auto did it this week too).

We also don’t need people walking in front of the shot. This cast is plenty strong. They don’t need ambiance.

Great outing though. I’ll see you next time.

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