Rabbit Hole: The Department of Buildings

More Rabbit Hole this weekend, and while I’ve been struggling to discover what we’re actually chasing after with this Kiefer Suthlerland action-suspense show, at least the characters are starting to grow on me and I’m having a little fun.

All of the stuff in the safe house was cool. And we can see that they’re starting to grow the other characters like Hailey and Hom. While Rabbit Hole doesn’t seem like your laugh out loud romp, we got some guilty chuckles when we realized that Hom’s wife is carrying along nicely, with Kevin the Neighbor, after the apparent death of her husband.

And the training stuff between Hailey and John was also good. They’ve got some great chemistry here considering they’ve already hooked up. The convenience store scene had the two characters gelling nicely and later at the party, it was fun watching Hailey try to con Gao into giving her the information she needed.

But Rabbit Hole continues to be the Charles Dance show. All of his stuff with Hom was good, and even having him pretend to be Crowley while he was dipping into save Hailey was neat. With how confusing this show can be, a part of me actually believed he could be Crowley. Our last twist for this week, was discovering that John’s team is still alive. He did seem to take their deaths in the premiere rather well. Let’s see what they can do with them.

I’m feeling better about the show this week. Let’s keep that momentum going.

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