Saturday Night Live: Molly Shannon charms her way to a winning appearance

You forget how dog-gone likable Molly Shannon is. Even after all of these years. Luckily we had a reminder last night, as the “Superstar” returned to elevate some mediocre material, in what ended up being an enjoyable night.

For the regular viewers and readers of this blog, SNL ended their cold open losing streak last night with James Austin Johnson’s Trump finally being featured in something funny, as the former president tried to hijack the last supper. Cheers to Mikey Day for keeping his pose for all of that time.

We not only got Shannon performing her fun musical monologue but, also an appearance from Martin Short and Lorne Michaels. The following valet skit was fine. The farting skit not so much.

But Please Don’t Destroy don’t miss, and the Molly 2K23 skit with her playing herself in a video game was my favorite spot of the night. These guys keep winning.

Weekend Update also kept up their winning ways, although it was a weaker victory than we have seen in recent weeks. While I love Heidi Gardner, her Crystal character doesn’t need a second appearance.

The Jonas Brothers are the Jonas Brothers. They’ve been around for a minute now and you kind of just watch them whether you’ve always dug their music or not. I actually thought their contributions to the sketches were better.

And when I say contributions, I meant their appearance in the Salley O’Malley skit, where they teamed up with one of Shannon’s best characters. I enjoyed watching Chloe Fineman and Bowen Yang break in the background.

So, yeah, not a bad night. I enjoyed having Molly back.

Next week, we’ve got Ana De Armas and Becky G. This kind of comedy is new territory for the Oscar nominated actor. Let’s see what she can do.

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