The Company You Keep: Saint Charlie the Robin Hood of Baltimore

The Company You Keep is doing a lot of things right at the moment. One of my requests was a Daphne-centric episode, and I’m happy that the interest in a unique character like this one is mutual. We got just that this week.

And it was a lot of fun watching the Ivy League gangster infiltrate a national security conference with “Saint Charlie the Robin Hood of Baltimore”. And it was even better to watch Emma try to keep the whole op in tact, while trying not to get jealous, and keep her own admirers away in the process. We got some fun scenarios like Pickleball, ballroom dancing, and the conversation cons that we’ve enjoyed since the show started.

The wrap on the episode was excellent, with Emma cashing in a favor with Singh, and Daphne moving towards the anti-hero role that we kind of sensed since about the third episode. I like how interchangeable this cast is. You can run an op with almost any combination of them. If we get the chance, they should do Emma and the Nicoletti’s soon. That could be great as well.

I don’t mind the friction between Emma and Charlie. You’ve read it here before. Happy couples make for boring TV, and this is just the first season. Let’s take our time.

We do have to bring up that they punted on the interesting Hill infidelity storyline. But I’m not going to complain about that because there is only forty-something minutes to play with each episode. It would be stupid to be critical of a show that is building this kind of depth.

Great week. We do need a quick chat on viewership. Sunday nights are competitive. If you like this show, then watch it, tweet about it, talk about it.

See you next time!

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