Succession: Winners and Losers from the death of Logan Roy

This is a post that I believe Logan Roy himself would enjoy reading. Who benefits from the death of the patriarch of patriarchs? This is what we were all left thinking after the show unexpectedly took Logan from us last night, when he died from a heart attack on an airplane ride en route to closing a deal.

Now, Succession is off to a mad dash to its series finale where they’ll determine who will rule his vast empire.

Let’s go…

The Winners:

Gerri: This one is easy. Logan wanted her fired. Logan is dead. She’s still here. And she remains a fan favorite.

Karl and Frank: The “Old Guard” is tough to bet against. They’ll probably be our villains down the stretch before the kids start shredding each other.

Connor and Willa: That was probably the first honest conversation they’ve ever had. We’ll never get over that visual of that wedding in front of hundreds of empty chairs.

Mixed Bag:

Kendall, Shiv, and Roman: Yeah, they lost their old man in a horrible fashion. But they didn’t make it 15 minutes before we got back to business. We’re assuming they’ll briefly team up before ultimately going after each other.


The “Disgusting Brothers”: Make no mistake about it. Tom and Cousin Greg are *bleeped*. They were Logan’s guys. The sibs recoiled when Greg spoke in the teaser. And the Old Guard straight up blasted Tom in the same spot. Life comes at you fast.

Colin the Bodyguard: Our hearts broke for Colin when he discovered that his friend and person he was responsible for protecting was dead. One of the saddest moments in the series, really.

Kerri: We love Zoe Winters. We hate Kerri. That’s what good actors do. Her scene after leaving Logan was next level. As for her character, the loathed gold-digger might have to take a raincheck on that news anchor job.

Got any winners and losers of your own? Let me know in the comments.

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