July 24, 2024

Fire Country: “Excuse me, we still have chakras to cleanse”

The Best Good Bad show on television was back this week, with Fire Country introducing some new characters, forgetting some old plot points, and introducing some ridiculous fire scenarios.

And lets start with the disaster of the week, and this one was a doozy, with Shaman Opal and her “goddesses” starting an underground fire at what appeared to be a wellness retreat. What started with a guest suffering a reaction to almond massage oil, quickly escalated into an underground fire, which was actually pretty fun to watch. The team had little trouble dealing with it and we had plenty of time at the end of the episode (again) for some extra plot points.

We also had the introduction of Sleeper Hadley, a heroin slinging running buddy from Bode’s past, who got admitted to Three Rock. He got some scrub named Troy readdicted to the junk, before seemingly turning Freddie against Bode. It turned out to be a ruse, as we saw the duo pledge to take him down together.

Then we had a bunch of odds and ends. Gabby’s old friend Kyle (played by Kanoa Good) trying to swoop in and get close, while her man is at jail camp. We had the continuation of Manny’s romance with that wealthy lady, Faye, who has her own fire department. And we had Eve mourning Rebecca, while the departed’s former lover, Bode, hasn’t looked back.

What we didn’t see is progression on Sharon’s kidney story, which writers are hoping we forget about. That’s just plain sloppy. Luckily for “Fire Country” the show is already renewed and is still solid in the ratings. Maybe they should invent some more temporary illnesses for us to forget about.

See you next time.

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