Grand Crew: “You don’t get to say clang, clang, Amir”

Grand Crew was back this week, and the episode revolved around saying goodbye to one of their own, who has been around since the beginning of the series.

Indeed, it was time for Fay to take the job working at the Cru location in New York and everyone dealt with it in different ways.

We started with Nikki, who was going to miss her dear friend, and started acting differently by becoming a biker, taking advantage of guys, and adopting three cats, Eunice, Bunice, and Mila Kunis, even though she was allergic.

The Fay fever would next jump over to Anthony next, who was going to miss his girlfriend, who he just recently connected with after a season and change of “will they, won’t they”. He began a wild spending spree.

This while Sherm, Wyatt, and Noah debated over who would get a dinner reservation gifted by Fay to a top notch restaurant called “Dirt and Honey”. Shout out to the writer who pinged “Dirty Sexy Money” a show full of potential that was snuffed out too soon.

In the end, the crew united at the wine bar and threw a going away party for Fay. After some last minute drama, she was also awarded an ownership stake in the New York location. The closing shot of the episode was of Fay walking through the streets of New York and beginning her new life.

The fate of Grand Crew is still unknown as NBC doubles up on upcoming episodes. Grasie Mercedes, has been great, and is kind to fans on social media. We noticed she was missing from a few eps this season and was missed. If this really is the end for her, then the best of luck and thank you.

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