July 24, 2024

The Last Thing He Told Me: This slow, boring slog is getting ready to lose me

If you read my review of the premiere episodes of “The Last Thing He Told Me”, you know I love Jennifer Garner and badly want to enjoy this show. If only to cement the two decades plus I have of following her career.

But boy, is “The Last Thing He Told Me” sure making this hard.

To prepare myself for this week, I even went back and look at the press Garner did for the show and how she saw it as a story of motherhood, but I’m not finding anything for me to cling on. Its a dreadfully, boring slog.

This week, Hannah and Bailey went to Austin to try to find some answers about Owen. They went to a football stadium, a church, and the hotel, and managed to come up with nothing. It was as dull as you might think it is.

And as for this story of motherhood, Bailey is way too much of a brat to make this formula work. Angourie Rice is doing a fine job. The issue here isn’t the acting. Its the story. Its really, really, boring.

There was a kernel of hope for this series that we discovered in the final moments. We find out that Owen and Bailey might not even be who there supposed to be. That tiny thread of mystery in this otherwise unreasonable tangled ball of nonsense has bought it one more week for redemption.

Otherwise, I’m just going to let it go. Whoever adapted this book needs to know that we’re entering the fourth episode and we haven’t had any excitement yet.

I’m getting frustrated and that’s never happened to me with Jennifer Garner on my screen.

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