Succession: We got to see Karl turn into Sledge Hammer last week

Whenever I watch “Succession” and I see Karl, played by David Rasche, my brain has to take a detour.

This is because while you may see Karl, the recently liberated former lapdog of Logan Roy, who’s spent the last few years doing everything this tyrant asked, I see someone different.

However, when I saw Karl deliver this dose of truth to Tom last weekend, I didn’t have to take that detour. I’ll explain after you watch the clip.

This is because for this moment in television history, Karl once again became Sledge Hammer.

Sledge Hammer was one of my first favorite television heroes. A no nonsense cop, who also had no filter when speaking to anyone, and carried a really big gun.

His catchphrase? “Trust me. I know what I’m doing.”

The show ran on ABC for a couple of seasons and can still pull a couple of laughs this very day if you pull up some clips on YouTube.

Of course, our views and philosophies on TV heroes has changed over the years and you wouldn’t be able to air a show like Sledge Hammer today.

But its always the character I will attach to Rasche.

Which is why I was happy to see Karl stick up for himself in the last episode, and become more aggressive as the show ups the ante for the final few outings with billions on the line.

Karl could never compete with the Roys.

But Sledge Hammer can. And even if its only symbolic, its cool to see Rasche throwdown on the screen like I remembered he could.

See you Sunday night!

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