Will Trent: Bill Black, Man of Mystery, celebrates much deserved renewal

First off, congratulations to Will Trent for a much deserved renewal for a second season. After a fast start, the show kept establishing its characters, and building pods that can entertain even without the title character in the frame.

And this week, they gave the people what they really wanted.

There was some kind of resolution for that Angie angle that I was really passionate about. I plan on doing a second post on that (you can read my how I thought that angle should end HERE as well as all my Will Trent stuff on the category roll on this page)

But first we’ve got to talk about Bill Black.

This was really neat.

Some of the gripes I’ve heard is that Will Trent isn’t as dynamic as he should be. One of my friends even told me that Betty is probably tougher than he is. But he does get his hands dirty. There was the shootout with the radicals earlier this season and that wild scene in the drug store during the last new episode.

Bill Black should put to rest to any of those concerns. Ramon Rodriguez can do action just fine. Black was a thug with a Will Trent twist. All of the action sequences were exciting, especially that last shootout in the apartment complex as he tried to escape with the rescued DEA agent.

Really, we should have seen the Rosa/CK twist coming but I didn’t. And add Rosa to the Ava pile of Will Trent cast offs he had chemistry with.

And Faith and Amanda were both really great again, trying to clean up Will’s messes.

Just a great show. Very happy for renewal.

We’ll come back to Angie but all of that was really well done. Check back soon on a post about her here.

Until next time, and I’m already looking forward to next season.

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