Fire Country: How the show let its intriguing arsonist mystery cool down

Before typing a critical post, I always look at the “scoreboard” prior to hitting “publish” and when it comes to Fire Country, the show is definitely winning the game. Its a rating success with a second season on the way. It was even outdrawing Friday night CBS staple “Blue Bloods” in some numbers. The show is doing great.

But I can’t help but asked what happened to its teased arsonist mystery? (a list of suspects HERE)

You know which one I’m talking about. The person starting fires at the end of it’s Sunday night post NFL showcase special. The mystery that had people throwing out guesses on social media.

I can’t understand why they’ve let it go. It hasn’t even been an issue in the last two new episodes.

There have been other big storylines. Arguably the biggest one is Jake giving Sharon her kidney. And while I don’t doubt that there will be some obstacles to getting that surgery done, I can’t see why they’ve pushed such an interesting mystery to the back burner.

The only likely reason is that they’re setting us up for another cliffhanger. Its possible that the arsonist, which is likely Collin or his dad, could end up getting one of our heroes in a hostage situation.

Or it could be that the arsonist lights a fire that is so big that the cliffhanger involves Bode and company being trapped in the middle of it.

There are a few ways they could go.

But the string on the kite is getting long. And if the writers don’t tease this again soon, the interest could snap off and fly away in the wind.

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