Alert MPU: Cancellation could lead to a horrifying story ending

Update: If you want a review of the season (and possibly series) finale, check it out HERE

I’ve enjoyed Alert: Missing Persons Unit, and if you’re reading this post, there is an excellent chance that you have as well. And believe it or not, next week is the two hour season finale that will finally lead to the pursuit of Keith’s abductor.

But the show hasn’t been renewed for season 2 yet, and the promos show some really disturbing scenarios.

First off, we know that Nikki will be taken. We’re not sure when it will happen. It could be at the beginning of the finale, or it could be the very last shot of the season.

What if Alert is cancelled and we never find Nikki?

That would be a very upsetting scenario for fans of the show. I know I would be angry.

What if Keith’s kidnapper gets away and is allowed to continue abducting children.

In terms of stories, these things matter.

We can look at the numbers and understand that Alert isn’t setting the world on fire in the ratings. But there is a lot of verified potential here.

Scott Caan has been a prime time TV hero for years. He has the best protagonist aesthetic on television. A leather jacket and a .38 is a classic combo on this guy.

Ryan Broussard is a star. His roles should only get bigger.

And FOX is lacking in the crime procedural market. Yeah, there is 911 but that’s different. NBC has Law and Order. CBS has CSI and FBI.

MPU could be the starter the network needs. It should have had the Super Bowl lead instead of giving Gordon Ramsay help he hasn’t needed in almost 20 years.

Let’s hope Nikki gets found next week and we get an episode that can serve as either a season or series finale.

The show and the viewers deserve that.


  1. The writing for the Season Finale
    was probably one of the most well written of the show….I only watched Alert because of Scott Caan. .the rest of the actors were wooden and robotic especially Dania Ramirez.. there was ZERO chemistry and the writing was terrible….Scott carried this show from beginning to end…

    1. Author

      Scott Caan seems to be the draw that everybody tunes in for. This is a great character and look for him. Hopefully he keeps up the great work, if not here then somewhere else.

  2. I love this show and Scott Caan. It’s something different from all the other criminal shows.Please keep the show going.

    1. Author

      Everyone loves Scott Cann on prime time TV. Hopefully they give it more time. If not, hopefully he gets picked up again quickly.

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