June 23, 2024

American Auto: “A battery made of farts”

American Auto was back this week, and we had a “Superstore” connection with a guest star. While I didn’t watch the sunsetted NBC comedy, there was a buzz among the fandom online with Ben Feldman, playing a Silicon Valley tech CEO.

And Feldman didn’t disappoint, as Chase Brody, the head of Sandbox, a company that believed that it could manufacture a battery that runs on sand.

This was also one of Ana Gasteyer’s best episodes, with her commentary during Chase’s presentation basically willing him to advocate for building something on the sand, and then referring to the operation as a “Theranos type of situation.

We also had other high points, such as the team getting dressed up on sterile hazmat suits to examine a lamp that runs on AA batteries.

American Auto often jokes about the realism of the auto business, and this week it was stock market speculation with the team from Payne Motors literally hyping up Sandbox into conning themselves into buying technology that doesn’t work. The mental gymnastics this week was amazing.

And you may have noticed Matty Cardarople, who played Dustin, the creepy scientist who had a crush on Sadie. He’s the alien from that funny Geico ad about the space horror movie.

Real fast, we have to talk about ratings. They haven’t been as high as we hoped for. If you’re enjoying this show (and you should, its the funniest 30 minute comedy NBC has on at the moment), then make some noise. Tell a friend.

I’ll see you next time.

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