Ghosts: “Pop in and Taco Bell have teamed up for a very special offer”

We finally got that highly anticipated Trevor-centric episode of “Ghosts” last night, and it didn’t disappoint with the show delivering what has become its notable laugh out loud moments, with a softer side that has made this program as successful as it currently is.

Some observations from the show..

First, I’ll take an “L” from thinking that Trevor would get sucked off here. This cast is too hot right now to switch anything up. But I will ask that if “No pants” got his celebrity crush to visit, and had his parents literally speak to him, then what exactly is closure for him? I’ll go a step further with Jay saying that none of their eight kids can ever leave. The show could be setting aside that angle.

Tara Reid was a win. I’m in the later half of the demo and I enjoyed seeing her here. Who would be your celebrity crush from your 20s to show up at your funeral?

The Nigel and Issac stuff was fun. I’m happy that the show didn’t neglect the fact that it was only 15 hours. They’re also continuing the great gag of having to shout a few houses over to communicate with other ghosts. Its also great how the ghosts entertain themselves by watching ants and also funny (but disturbing) how the ghosts watch other guests hook up.

It looks like we’re getting a post Valentines Day special with Thor and Flower, and even more interesting is a Hetty vs. Nigel feud in the house. That dialog should cut through a brisket better than Trevor’s jawbone.

See you next time!

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