Shrinking: Liz’s Purpose and Trampolines

Whenever possible I try to watch my new episodes in front of other people. I invite the feedback and it gives me the chance to hear what other people think.

But my reactions watching this week’s episode of “Shrinking” had the people in my coffee shop thinking I might need an ambulance. I can be pretty stoic but everything that happened in “Potatoes” had me wanting to curl up in a little ball off in the corner. It was funny. It was cringey. It was heartfelt. It was perfect.


Of course, we had our great open with Derek. Who might have the best LPMs (laughs per minute) of any character on television at the moment. And we rolled right into Harrison Ford singing “Every Morning” by Sugar Ray in the car. This show is on an incredible musical roll right now.

Jason Segel had one of his best episodes of television ever. Give him the award nominations now. His scene with Wally the OCD patient in her apartment was unbelievable. Then there was his face in the kitchen as he found out that his daughter lost her virginity. The break up with Liz on the balcony was almost Shakespearean, and of course the trampoline work. Everything landed.

“I’m so glad you think so” from Paul after Jimmy complimented his daughter was so sharp you may have missed it.

All the stuff with Gabby and Liz landed.

And that final scene in the pool house. Just wow.

A perfect episode of television. I haven’t said that about anything that isn’t called “The Mandalorian” or “Succession” in quite some time. Just incredible.


I’ll probably have to take some time away from this coffee shop though.

See you next time!

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