The Last of Us: Airing Henry and Sam episode early saved Super Bowl Sunday mood


There were so many people that believed that airing this week’s episode of “The Last of Us” was a ratings/viewer count decision, designed to get out of the way of the Super Bowl this Sunday. And that might have been right at one point.

But, boy, did it turn out to be so much more.

The Henry and Sam episode, which in part, chronicled a Kansas City rebel and his deaf younger brother was emotionally heavy, and that’s putting it lightly.

In fact, it takes such an emotional toll that airing it opposite of the Super Bowl may have killed the entire vibe of what should have been a fun evening. This episode was as heavy as it got. This kind of TV has no business airing opposite of what is also often a celebration with a high energy musical half time show.

And HBO understood this.

Yes, there will be some that don’t want to watch it on HBO Max and will wait until the scheduled time. Well..They can’t really complain too much.

Now, if you happen to come across this article before the Super Bowl and don’t have HBO Max. And even if you’ve read the spoilers on other sites, I still wouldn’t recommend watching it on Sunday night. It’s that tense.

There will be no clean consciences when this story is done being told. And the television adaptation of the video game appears to be equally committed to the brutally tough toll it takes on whoever consumes it.

That’s why you shouldn’t watch it on Sunday

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