Shrinking: Show highlights important issues involving veterans mental health and housing

If you’re a regular visitor of this blog, you know one of my favorite shows at the moment is “Shrinking”. The Apple TV “grief-com” stars Harrison Ford, my favorite actor of all time, Jason Segel doing some of his best work ever, Christa Miller, who’ve I’ve been watching for decades, Jessica Williams, and more. They’re all excellent.

Today, I want to talk about Luke Tennie, who plays Sean. A veteran who is dealing with a difficult transition from the military, and while he’s good friends with Jimmy (Segel) and even gets invited to live in his poolhouse, he has a difficult time opening up to the person that is supposed to be his therapist.

He has PTSD. He’s dealing with the red tape involving veterans housing (something I deal with to this very day) and just generally finding his new life.

His struggles are real. All of them. And Jimmy is throwing everything at him from mixed martial arts to introducing him to his friends and family trying to get a breakthrough.

There is some success. But there are also setbacks. A disappointing run-in with the neighbor, Pam (another similar situation I’ve dealt with and we all know what Pam can do), to actual physical confrontations to protect those he cares about. His progress just always seems to dissolve.

“I’m sorry I’m here.” he says at one point. I’ve felt like saying that so many times.

We don’t know how Sean’s story is going to end. I’ve been exactly where he’s been, trying to float around and find a place where you belong. The most recent episode discussed purpose. All of the characters are trying to find theirs, including Sean. But its just so great that we’re talking about this with a group that is as talented as this one, which includes an actor I’ve recognized since I could physically turn on a television.

Showrunners and Apple TV, which also produced “Causeway” which highlighted another veterans story, and earned an Oscar nom, are doing honorable work keeping us in the minds of our neighbors and not letting our struggles be forgotten.

I’m grateful. And I know many others are.

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