American Auto: Layoffs are coming, and a viewer theory about the wheelchair employee

American Auto returns tomorrow for another new episode, and teases indicate that Katherine Hastings and her team at Payne Motors will be looking to cut costs by laying off some employees.

Looking at the cast list and roles it looks like some tech and data people could be at risk. We’ve also got the Geico Alien potentially on the chopping block (Matty Cardarople).

But let’s talk about one viewer who has asked about an employee in a wheel chair.

I’ve also seen this employee as well. And I have to wonder if he’ll be getting laid off tomorrow.

But if we’re looking at what Katherine’s character has done so far in the series, I think it will be likely that no one will be getting laid off. Ana Gasteyer has shaped this character as someone who might be cold and clueless on many occasions but completely the opposite when the chips are down.

That’s my guess for tomorrow.

We’ll find out tomorrow. And be sure to check out my review on Wednesday morning!

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