Star Trek Picard: Post Next Generation story already sprinting forward

Star Trek: Picard aired it’s series finale this week and after such a brutal and merciless build up, I was relieved to get a “perfect” ending with all of the bows nicely tied, and a slow stroll to the finish line on a road lined with sentimental good times.

As short lived as it would seem. The franchise is already looking ahead.

The ending of Star Trek: Picard was predictable. I probably could have told you what happened without even watching it.

But even though we did indeed watch Picard infiltrate the Borg cube to rescue Jack.
And even though we got to see Starfleet recover like nothing happened.
And even though we saw Seven take over the Titan.

It was still just a joy to watch.
All of it.
Down to the last shot of the poker table.

But the story isn’t done. I’ve even predicted it HERE. It appears we’re getting another series. Probably sooner than later.

We know this because Q, after his apparent death last season, is back. And the final scene in Star Trek Picard is the eternal entity haunting Jack.

We’ll likely get another series on the Enteprise with Seven as Captain, and Jack and Raffi filling out her team. Sounds fine to me. Jerri Ryan did some magnificent work this season, and even when the material is bad (season 2, yikes) she is still good.

As for Star Trek Picard, let season 3 ultimately define the entire series. And let’s finally let our Next Generation heroes find some well deserved rest.

Excellent, excellent, sci fi television. Thanks for taking the journey with me.

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