Not Dead Yet: Mirthful Shenanigans

Not Dead Yet was back this week with the Lexi-centric episode that I’ve been waiting for. Lauren Ash has done an awesome job since the series started.

And the entire episode was actually about friendship and honesty. Nell was kinda on the sidelines this week after drinking “The Longest Island” where the bartender pours all of the remaining drinks on the bar into one beverage (we actually did this in the Army). This caused her to come down with a cold and get stuck in the apartment with Edward and her latest ghost couple, music teachers Susie and Bill Irving. We’ll get back to them.

But Lexi wanted Sam and Dennis to enjoy partying with her as much as they did with Nell. This meant to over compensating on everything, with lavish meals and a party bus to Vegas. After failing, and pushing Sam and Dennis further away, she actually went to Nell’s to reveal that her marriage was in trouble and didn’t want to go home to an empty house. Great angle here. The two would find some common ground and some self discovery.

Great seeing TV veteran, Ed Begley as one of the music teachers on my TV. Nell would also find a resolution with Edward after their roommate relationship would be strained by the former getting the latter sick.

The show made some progress on expanding on Lexi’s story and Dennis had a solid arc last week. They need to give the wonderful Hannah Simone more to do with Sam. We know she can do it. We watched her do it on “New Girl” for years.

Solid ep. See you next time!

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