July 24, 2024

Mrs. Davis: “Wishes are for little girls”

Mrs. Davis, the mysteriously marketed action adventure arrives this week, and while it’s not without its faults, the show is off to a fast start with a rivalry that instantly gets us invested in what comes next.

Betty Gilpin stars as Sister Simone/Lizzy, a nun with a mysterious past and some impressive action skills, who is being stalked by an artificial intelligence that is all knowing, all seeing, and has seemingly eliminated most of the suffering in the world. The AI calls herself Mrs. Davis, and she wants Simone to find the Holy Grail for her because there is some kind of connection between her and the Cup of Christ.

Most of my take is positive. Gilpin is really great here, as a protagonist who has such a degree of determination to her character that she starts winning you over from the moment she hits the screen.

Equally detestable is the way Mrs. Davis is portrayed. By a clueless group of lemmings that are listening to her every word prepared to torment Simone in anyway possible. In many ways, its a diss to a culture that is so quick to trust everything a computer tells it.

One of the problems I had with the show is the confusion over the name of Simone, which apparently is also Lizzy. This leads to my second gripe which is tied to Peacock. I hate that they release four episodes at once, contributing to a toxic binging formula that prevents us from enjoying and savoring what they give us.

But the show is good. I’m on board. Check it out if you want something that might actually be unique.

I’ll see you next week, where we’ll jump to episode 5. They really should have done a two episode launch. Sigh..

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