Bel Air: Doc was right, companies like Zenith are scamming athletes everyday

Bel Air was back this week with a new episode, and while every character has a pretty intriguing story line this season, this week we’re going to focus on the season’s villain “Doc” and his company Zenith.

We learned about what Doc was doing at the end of last week’s episode, hustling agents, scouts, and his own players into funneling connections and contracts through his channels.

When Will confronts Doc at the beginning of this week’s show, he tells Will that what he’s doing is being done by similar operations everyday.

And he’s right.

There are Klutch Sports wannabes all over the United States who try to lure in young athletes with ridiculous retainers and monthly fees. And those same impostors are also charging on the back end to provide access to those players who are already paying them to begin with.

The Bel Air twist is that we learned that Doc was really after Phil. He needs a little bit of that “gangster *bleep” and if it doesn’t work, Will can be implicated and can’t play college ball.

Some other notes on this week’s episode.

I’m waiting to recognize the cracks in Lamarcus’ armor. I haven’t identified any yet (although Ivy may expose those) Hillary is still so much better with him than Jazz until we see otherwise though.

Olly Sholotan did some more strong acting this week. This time with his eyes. Carlton was trying to coach Connor during that intervention with their two moms. Great casting their with Ms. Satterfield (Jaime Ray Newman). That “CVS” line was the laugh of the week.

It was also satisfying to see Geoffrey check Doc’s muscle. Very satisfying.

Great episode. I’ll see you next week!

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