The Big Door Prize: “This is how you go three and seven”

We’re starting to reach a nice boil here.

The Big Door Prize was back this week with a new episode and we had a Beau-centric outing, with the father continuing to mourn the loss of his son, while trying to determine who was the basketball player running around with his son’s cheating girlfriend.

Which happens to be his son’s twin brother.

That meant hijacking Dusty’s new basketball team and luring them into a saloon in his garage.

It sounds like I’m making this all up. Right?

But that’s what is making The Big Door Prize work right now. Isn’t it? The fact that I can type these crazy things and that they work.

We haven’t even covered the best angle of the episode. That was the basketball practice. Dusty’s awkward introduction was funny enough. But then you had Giorgio’s antics and Beau coming in dressed up like a cowboy.

Then there was the whole thing with the punching machine at the saloon, and Dusty getting drunk, while Beau tries to rough up the wrong guy.

Beau would finally figure out it was his own son, and there was some good drama between the two in the living room sans the table (which now sits in the saloon), and Trina tearing up on the ride home.

But next week is the Giorgio episode, and that could steal the show. The character is the funniest part of the story and he’s got a shady agenda with Cass. We learned this week, he’s not even Italian and he wears a toupee. Its going to get real.

Great episode. See you next time.

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