Star Trek Picard: We get a “monster” filler episode, but it’s not all bad

Ah, yes. The filler episode. A device used by writers that don’t have enough ideas to propel the main storyline during a season.

But this episode of Picard wasn’t so bad for a filler episode. In fact, for show called “Picard”, it provided some background on the man who’s been entertaining us for decades, and a great showcase for the legendary Patrick Stewart.

Tallinn has to venture inside the mind of a comatose Picard, who’s just been hit by a car by Soong, and what she finds there is something similar to a mind prison. A pre-teen Picard is trapped there by “monsters” representing different parts of his life.

It has absolutely nothing to do with the main plot but it wasn’t exactly boring TV either. Tallinn is successful, Rios tells the doctor and her annoying kid (sorry, but we’ve seen this character a hundred times) about the future and we’re moving along.

You’re probably wondering about Juratti and the Borg Queen, which has been the most fascinating part of the season so far. Well, in that regard, you might be disappointed.

We didn’t get a lot of “Buratti” or “Jorg” this week. We got her walking into a bar and breaking some glass. That’s it. It’s only a matter of time before Raf and Seven catch up to her though and they have to do so before she can start assimilating other people.

The show ended with Picard and young Guinan getting busted by the feds. Is it me? Or has law enforcement been the biggest obstacle to getting things done this year for our heroes?

Anyways, I’m still interested despite the filler episode. More “Buratti” please.

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