July 24, 2024

WeCrashed: Entrepreneurship for a 5 year old

It’s so easy to drift away from the main methodology of WeCrashed at times. That being the relationship between Adam and Rebekah Neumann, and their ability to get people into buying into their nonsense so much that it becomes a proposed $63 billion dollar IPO.

And it’s that initial public offering that brings us the latest turning point in WeCrashed, where Adam has found no one else to invest in WeWork and has to finally try to go public to save his entire operation. Keep in mind they’re burning through over $50 million a week.

This is also happening as Rebekah’s WeGrow school is failing. “Entrepreneurship for a 5 year old” is an idea pitched before she reels herself in.

The real problem here though is the S1 which needs to be filed, and the scrutiny that comes along with an IPO. WeWork’s model is garbage. We know that in hindsight. But in this show Adam and Rebekah have to get this thing over the net to stay rich.

And we get about 10 minutes of Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway convincing each other of this absolute lie, which propels them into publishing this joke of a document which we believe will ultimately lead to the downfall of this entire racket.

It was another strong episode for the show. We do get to see some of the underlings fall in love with money, including Chloe buying a $24K purse.

But it’s almost time to bring this series in for a landing (or crash). And the crash needs to bring out all sorts of emotions in the audience and hopefully that’s when we’ll see this pair of Oscar winners really give us their best.

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