Apple TV: Fans continue dissing their Friday Night MLB coverage

Fans of Major League Baseball are a choosy bunch. Probably more so than the NFL, and definitely tougher than the NBA. You’re not expected to be talking every second of every pitch. You have to let the game breathe. You’re also competing against broadcasting legends like Buck, Caray, and Scully.

And those MLB fans again did not enjoy Friday Night Major League Baseball last night on Apple TV, because of their coverage. Important to remember that Apple TV has these rights. There aren’t many other options for fans to watch these games.

Let’s have a look at some of the remarks from viewers.

Really, the coverage isn’t that bad. The booth does need to learn how to pronounce some of these names.

But the honest truth is that social media disses every broadcaster and analyst from time to time. You’ll regularly find Twitter hurling insults at Tony Romo, Doris Burke, and Chris Collinsworth, professionals who are generally well regarded by most viewers.

Let’s see what Apple TV does next week.

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  1. I don’t use social media, so I would like to correct your incorrect assumption about biased social media users.

    The coverage is terrible from start to finish – from the graphics (when they do bother to do any sort of replay or cutaway, which is never), to the the lack of real camera angles, to the lack of even switching the camera angles for periods of minutes at a time, the lack of replays, to the lack of any useful insight or even basic knowledge from whomever they chose to broadcast.

    Its a terrible production from start to finish on both the audio and visual side. How much does each dreadful broadcast even cost apple? Garbage in, garbage out. I challenge you to find some evidence that they have put any effort or money into the productions.

    I am of the opinion that there is nothing at all redeemable about the broadcasts and it is just a sad joke to see play out in real time.

    1. Author

      Opinion respected.

      Can I ask how you found me without social media? No connection to the subject. I just want to know where the traffic was referred.

      Thank you,

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