Apple TV: Fans continue dissing their Friday Night MLB coverage

Fans of Major League Baseball are a choosy bunch. Probably more so than the NFL, and definitely tougher than the NBA. You’re not expected to be talking every second of every pitch. You have to let the game breathe. You’re also competing against broadcasting legends like Buck, Caray, and Scully.

And those MLB fans again did not enjoy Friday Night Major League Baseball last night on Apple TV, because of their coverage. Important to remember that Apple TV has these rights. There aren’t many other options for fans to watch these games.

Let’s have a look at some of the remarks from viewers.

Great to see Apple TV hired Apple store workers to announce their Friday night baseball games

— David Copeland (@DCopeSportTakes) April 15, 2022

Does anybody else feel that Apple TV and Dodgers baseball is terrible on so many levels??!

— Ron Cobas (@cobaspacker) April 16, 2022

These Apple TV announcers make me appreciate Joe Davis.

— John Baker (@awats53) April 16, 2022

this appletv broadcast is fuckin horrible

— 2014 FHD (@EtikaGoat) April 16, 2022

Am I sexist if I say this Apple TV broadcast of the White Sox game is fucking horrible? Because it is fucking horrible.

— Ian McCune (@HumanBabyCHW) April 16, 2022

Dear Apple TV,

the fuck is ‘reach base probability’?

Baseball fans

— Bush Leaguer (@BushLeague101) April 16, 2022

#AppleTV broadcasters are annoying.. please stop talking 🤐🤫

— Jay 👑 (@mizz_jaybella) April 16, 2022

The #AppleTV baseball announcers are terrible. Why are we doing this? #Dodgers

— my radical left foot’s agenda (@pinkoadjacent) April 16, 2022

Hey @MLB nobody wants to watch baseball games on Apple TV. You guys are ruining the game.

— Sean (@SeanB95926) April 16, 2022

Retweet if baseball should never be broadcasted on apple tv again

— Belli 2022 MVP (@Jaydenylee) April 16, 2022

This Apple TV stream going crazy on mute 🔥🔥🔥

— ⚫️𝗪𝗦𝗫𝗠𝗔𝗧𝗧⚪️ (Leury RBW) (@wsxmatt) April 16, 2022

That is just as bad. We are two weeks into the season and Apple TV needs an MLB broadcasting overhaul. This is unprecedented.

— Dan Bell (@danpbell) April 16, 2022

I actually don’t mind the Apple TV broadcast team.. but I hate the moments when it’s very obvious they don’t know this #WhiteSox team 😑

— Lauren Lapka (@LaurenLapka) April 16, 2022

Am I the only one not liking this Apple TV #Dodgers game broadcast?

— PattiO #DodgersFan4Life 💙 ⚾ (@BluelaFan) April 16, 2022

I want to formally apologize to Joe @Buck for calling him a bad announcer. After seeing what MLB and Apple TV+ are putting people through I’ll never slander Mr. Buck again.

— JV (@_Just_Vibes_) April 16, 2022

I don’t like to complain too much about broadcasts outside of anything that includes Alex Rodriguez, but this Apple TV broadcast is… painful.

— Lindsay Adams (@LAtweets22) April 16, 2022

Yes. It’s over. #Dodgers win. That was a cheesy, nightmare, of a broadcast. Fuck Apple TV.

— 🍺L🔪 (@morasee) April 16, 2022

Why the hell are you ruining my enjoyment of watching the white on Friday night after work with fuck off anouncers and Apple TV. Where is my @jasonbenetti. @AppleTV @MLB

— Apple TV sux (@AppleTVsuxball) April 16, 2022

Really, the coverage isn’t that bad. The booth does need to learn how to pronounce some of these names.

But the honest truth is that social media disses every broadcaster and analyst from time to time. You’ll regularly find Twitter hurling insults at Tony Romo, Doris Burke, and Chris Collinsworth, professionals who are generally well regarded by most viewers.

Let’s see what Apple TV does next week.

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