The Masked Singer: Fans were expecting Rudy Giuliani but social media growled anyways

Well, FOX certainly got as much mileage as it possibly could have from it’s Rudy Giuliani unmasking tonight on The Masked Singer.

They saved the controversial figure for the final elimination in the final heat of this Good, Bad, and Cuddily season.

And they maxed out viewer interest in what was a relatively tame unmasking.

Only Ken Jeung was visibly upset. Nicole and Jenny were dancing. Robin Thicke was disappointed but probably because he praised the “Jack in the Box” before the unmasking. He was not visible in the final shot of the episode (he was rumored to have also walked off).

Social media still had some very strong opinions.

Let’s go to the reactions…..

It’s likely that after this reaction and the continued success of the show, that we could have more unpopular singers in future seasons.

What did you think of the unmasking? Does having politicians like Giuliani and Sarah Palin affect your opinion of the show. Let us know in the comments.

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