NFL: Sammy Watkins a solid signing for Green Bay Packers but they can’t stop adding weapons yet

On Thursday, the Green Bay Packers were able to get a deal done with veteran wide receiver, Sammy Watkins. The math isn’t complicated here. Watkins is a great target for Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers needs more weapons.

But Green Bay can’t stop arming up yet.

It’s been an off-season of highs and lows for the Pack. We lost one of the best in Devante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders. Marquez Valde-Scantling decided to go from catching passes from a future Hall of Famer in Brown County, to catching passes from a future Hall of Famer in Kansas City.

Now, Rodgers has found ways to win with no receivers before but the clock is ticking here. We have to make this abundantly clear to a team that went ahead and drafted the “quarterback of the future” just before their quarterback of the present went ahead and won back to back MVPs. We still don’t know what to do with Jordan Love (even though you need two quarterbacks in this league).

If you think we can tough it out, you’d be wrong because other teams haven’t stopped reloading. The Los Angeles Rams show no signs of slowing. And Tom Brady wouldn’t be coming back for anything less than a Super Bowl championship.

And don’t get me started when it comes to the AFC. Look at the quarterbacks and weapons in the AFC West alone. Patrick Mahomes. Russell Wilson. Justin Herbert. Derek Carr. Goodness.

The Green Bay Packers need to look around. They need to listen to their fans. And they can’t keep their foot off the gas when it comes to finding as many people as possible to catch that ball from Aaron Rodgers.

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