Halo: More of Master Chief doing non Master Chief things

I’ve begun dreading my Thursdays.

And it’s because of this Halo series on Paramount Plus that has done a terrible disservice to the video game franchise we grew up with.

We got our latest episode this morning, and wouldn’t you know it? We got more of Master Chief not doing anything Master Chief would do.

Will this guy ever fight in this series again?

Instead we’re getting this lame hunt for artifacts like the writers got turned down for the National Treasure sequels. What are we even doing here?

And then there was this lame Madrigal angle that..You guessed it. Has nothing to do with Master Chief. This is such a poor effort. And what was up with another butt shot? Are they playing a joke on us?

Well, let me try to shovel out some positivity from this pile.

The introduction of the Needler was cool. The Warthog was fine (from what we saw of it). It was cool to keep hanging out with Bokeem Woodbine (who has seen more action than Master Chief has) And…That’s it.

It’s not cool to keep hanging out with Kwan. Honestly, we could care less about Madrigal.

We do care about Master Chief. This is the franchise. Why are they wasting our time with this unrelated junk?

Based on the final shot, we’re getting some more development on this “plot” but what viewers are asking themselves is why is this Halo show not anything like Halo? This is a MacGuffin science fiction story in a Halo skin.

And we deserve much, much, better.

See you next week..maybe.

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