July 24, 2024

Star Trek Picard: More questions than answers after we learn what the Changelings stole

Star Trek: Picard continued it’s excellent swan song this week with an episode that gave us one answer to the mysteries surrounding the last ride of The Next Generation cast, but provided us with many more questions in its place.

After the team retrieves a dormant Data hybrid from Daystrom station, we learned that the Changelings stole the human remains of Jean Luc Picard. Now, just in case you’ve jumped in late, this Picard we’ve been riding with for the last two seasons isn’t the human man we’ve followed for decades but a robotic replacement.

So what do these puddles of jello want with Picard’s human remains? Well, it circles back around to theories we’ve already heard before.

There could be something in the Irumodic Syndrome Jean Luc survived with for so many decades that could save their species. Its probably the reason why they wanted Jack Crusher.

They may want him because there is some Borg presence left in his corpse that could save their species.

It could be something else. We don’t know. But we’re having a lot of fun trying to figure it out.

Some other notes…

Riker has been captured by Vadic. Which means at some point, we’ll see a Riker imposter. We will also see a Deanna rescue mission in the near future that will lead to the entire Next Generation Cast being reunited.

It looks like we’re seeing some franchise building. We could very well see another Star Trek show with Jack Crusher, Sidney and Alandra La Forge, and this version of Data. Star Trek: The Next Generation The Next Generation.

In closing. I love how Daystrom Station tried killing Riker, Worf, and Raffi and then reminded them that no food or beverages were allowed in the research station.

Enjoying this final voyage. See you next week.

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