True Lies: “You’ll be The Wolf and I’ll be The Dentist”

True Lies was back with a new episode this week, and they deployed the enjoyable Matthew Lillard in a guest starring part that made the entire outing a lot of fun.

Lillard played Nathan or “The Wolf”, an elite contract killer that is supposed to help Omega Sector prevent a war in Eastern Europe.

Nathan isn’t cool. In fact he’s kind of a geek. And the fact that they had an also out of place Helen befriend him on the intro made it even better. The two characters were so lovably goofy that you couldn’t help but smile. Adding on the extra angle that Nathan might want to off Harry to have Helen to himself made things even more interesting.

True Lies kept doing everything its been doing right again here this week but it also keeps adding extra layers. “The Wolf” really brought out some laughs and the fact that he didn’t get along with Harry made it that much more enjoyable. The graphics were once again a win, and the final action sequence was also once again solid adventure television.

In the end, everything would work out and Nathan would ride off into the sunset. We last see him eating a gyros in front of a burning building. It would be ridiculous if True Lies didn’t bring him back soon.

And lets talk about viewership numbers. They ain’t great. CBS throws so many stale procedural franchises at us. It would be a shame if we didn’t give True Lies more time to succeed.

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