Alaska Daily: It sure feels like we’re preparing to say good bye

Eileen is getting job offers from New York. Roz is getting job offers from DC. Austin has a chance to go to Chicago and stay with his son. The Daily Alaskan is in jeopardy of shutting down.

Really, it sounds like Alaska Daily should pack it up at this point.

As the poorly treated and ratings embattled show nears the end of its first season, it feels like the finale will serve as either a season finale with renewal still a possibility, or a series finale that can honestly say they got to say what they had to say.

Let’s start with the negatives.

The show has fully reverted to its bad habits. We literally had an editor threaten a contact with a bad business survey if he didn’t get what he wanted. There is an office romance that came out of nowhere and only counteracts how professional everyone has to be. And Eileen’s therapy sessions make me want to bury myself under a load of blankets and question my reality.

The show has become completely joyless.

But that being said, Alaska Daily could shutter with everyone involved legitimately saying that they accomplish what they set out to do.

They’ve scored enough decent research points to highlight how important community journalism is. They demonstrated how working reporters can keep our elected officials honest.

And the closing scene in the newsroom highlighting how many women in Alaska have gone missing over the decades sent out the message, that everyone needed to here.

Let’s see what happens. If Alaska Daily gets renewed, they should completely renovate their storytelling ways.

But if its the end, they can walk away with affirmation in their work.

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