Bel Air: Founder’s Award could teach us all a really tough lesson on leadership

The way I can tell that Bel Air has had a great show, is when the credits appear and there are four or five different things that I could blog about. That was the case this week as the show unloaded on the relationships between Phil and Geoffrey, Jazz and Hillary, and Will and Lisa.

But I want to talk about the cold open, where it was revealed that both Carlton and Will had been nominated for the Founder’s Award.

The show has a teaching opportunity here.

It could give the award to Carlton. While he did freeze when it counted the most, and he did try to cut a deal, “C” has put in the work. He’s an excellent student. He can lead in most settings. He’s grown up in a home with two excellent leaders as parents.

They could give it to Will. A fearless disruptor. He’s everything Carlton is not and he didn’t try to cut a deal to dilute the protest. Will is a leader for 2023 where boldness and action is appreciated. When the moment counted the most, he rushed the roof and got himself kicked off the basketball team (his dream) for the greater good.

Tough choice. Right?

But Bel Air writers could give it to Connor. That would be a knife in the back with a twist. Wouldn’t it?

You know Connor? The cocaine dealing hypocrite, who was only Carlton’s friend when he was being told everything he wanted to hear. When Carlton stood up for himself Connor turned nasty. Even calling the cops on Carlton’s party when all of his friends left him.

Giving Connor the award would tell the Bel Air audience that politics and bureaucracy isn’t always fair. It could also prevent a further rift between Will and his cousin.

Let’s see if Bel Air writers will teach us this very tough and uncomfortable lesson.

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