Not Dead Yet: The show stole a joke from The Daily Show

Ugh. Why “Not Dead Yet”?

I watch a lot of TV. And I love original and innovative content.

I hate laziness and repetition. And specifically recycled or stolen content.

Which is why I’m talking about a joke I heard on this week’s new episode.

While preparing to spread Monty’s ashes, Edward compares deep dish pizza to an above ground pool of marinara. I instantly knew I had heard that joke before. And I knew who I heard it from.

The comparison came from the Daily Show and Jon Stewart’s historic rant slamming deep dish pizza in favor of New York Style Pizza.

Do they not think we’re going to find out?

The good news is that the rest of the episode was pretty solid. The cold opening with the therapist was clever and tricked me again. We got a third, and what looks like a final appearance from Martin Mull, as well as sweet story line with Lexi and Sam helping Dennis and his partner find a surrogate.

And there are some seeds planted for some great episodes in the future.

I would love a dog episode. Nell could write an obituary for a famous dog or cat. That could actually be quite funny.

Then eventually, you imagine someone will start asking questions over how she knows so much about her subjects. This will give us a chance to really dig into the character and future of the show.

Lets see where they take it. I’ll see you next time.

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