Abbott Elementary: Taraji P. Henson as Janine’s Mother sparks discussion about young mothers

Abbott Elementary had another winner this week, with Taraji P. Henson guest starring as Janine’s mom. Of course, she did a great job, and it felt like she had already been on the show a few times before.

But there was some conversation over her casting, specifically as Janine’s mom. Henson (52) always looks great, but viewers started a discussion over her work with Quinta Brunson (33).

Don’t let the traffic you see here, most of the chatter was positive.

As far as the plot, Henson did everything the fans wanted her to. She had her mini showdown with Ava, which she won. She had a bigger showdown with Barbara, which she lost. And she found compromise with her daughter, which left a lot of us uneasy, but I think that was the aim

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We’re rolling towards the season finale. See you next time!

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