The Last Thing He Told Me: Jennifer Garner has a heavy lift in this directionless suspense drama

Oh, Jennifer Garner. I still adore her after the 20 plus years since “Alias” and a commercial campaign for Capital One that still had me sighing in the time that followed. One of my celebrity crushes from way back.

But she’s asking a lot from myself and the rest of her following with her latest Apple TV suspense drama, The Last Thing He Told Me, that during it’s two episode premiere is a lot of unsure wandering around with no real emotional attachments to invest in.

Garner stars as Hanna, a successful woodworker married to an also successful software developer named Owen, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones). They live in a ridiculously beautifu dock community that steals a lot of the attention, with a cranky stepdaughter named Bailey in tow.

One day, Owen goes missing and the news breaks of his software company becoming the next Enron, with artificially inflated stock prices and a product that doesn’t work. The only thing he leaves behind is a couple of scribbled warnings and a bag of money. This sets off what appears to be a game of cat and mouse as Hanna tries to decipher whats happening.

Aside from Garner, there doesn’t appear to be another reason to tune in so far. She’s acting her tail off, and she’s doing her best to make us care about a storyline that is pretty hard to care about.
Supporting characters are NPC bland and keep repeating things we already know. The score is a string arrangement that is purposely played obnoxiously and was distracting me almost the entire time.

Oh, Jennifer. I will keep watching for a little longer. Only for you. Lets hope you can lift up what is a pretty suspenseless suspense drama.

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