Gotham Knights: We need more Harvey and Duela

Oh, the CW. We can’t quite leave behind those old formulas. Can we? Our new episode of Gotham Knights this week, took us on a side quest, with a bunch of smaller stories that we don’t care about, for the first time in it’s run.

Let’s start with the negative.

I don’t care about Stephanie’s drunk mom. Yes, character development is important but I don’t see how it played into the story. We didn’t need any of that. Find something better for her to do.

And we got the opposite with Carrie. This version of Robin has been terrific, she’s good as is. We don’t need to see her creeping in and out of the house while trying to hide her hero secret from her mom. I got some season one “Buffy” vibes from that, and I didn’t ask for it.

The Harper and Cullen stuff was more character building, but they dragged it out with that final talk. Are we struggling to fill a 40 minute show?

Okay, okay. Let’s go with the good stuff next.

Really, it’s still “Duela nights” (spelling intentional). Despite being the Joker’s daughter, she keeps making the most rational decisions to get the group out of trouble. The scheme to rob the mob and The Court of Owls in one heist was right there, and they still did it, but our girl still hasn’t had the chance to have any fun.

The Harvey stuff is also coming to a nice simmer. There are also much more fertile stories there. If we have space to fill, let’s give it to Misha Collins. The solution is right in front of us.

Let’s hope for a better week, next time out. See you then.

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