July 25, 2024

American Auto: “The nominal rate is for suckers, kids. Don’t be a chump”

Whoever decided to put Katherine Hastings and the team from Payne Motors into a engineering fair with a class full of children, needs a raise. This episode of American Auto was pretty dog-gone funny and I was happy to see Josh Malina’s Ted return.

Of course, it wouldn’t take long for Katherine to say something stupid about a country that is pivotal to her company’s operation. But the show already had half a dozen laughs before we even got to the goof including that terrific cold open, “Rubbing one out on a rainbow”, and Andy effing Richter.

Before we knew it, we had a three ring circus taking place at this little student fair. This included Cyrus and Elliott trying to steal a legitimate design from a child. And the laughs per minute kept going including Sadie’s inflection of Sbarros and Katherine snapping on a child.. “Does it *bleeping* look like Ms. Kirby is in here?!”.

And I haven’t even touched Wes and Jack talking to the children about taxes, which spawned the title of this post. Then we had Malina channeling his “West Wing” abilities with his management of the international crisis that developed at this kid’s event.

Now, more than ever, I’m convinced that American Auto could have also worked as a cable TV show. In fact, I wish that Peacock would give us an uncensored version of the show. Ana Gasteyer and company are almost “Veepish” in their delivery with these jokes and have just been a blast this second season.

I’ll see you next time!

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