American Auto: “So, we’re just going to keep sitting in this fart water?”

We had a new American Auto this week. And the show took a team building, after hours drinks, approach to encourage some cohesiveness with the team. Not that this cast needed it that much. They’ve been doing great stuff all season.

But drinks with Katherine is an episode that should be done, and it was done well.

From the awkward invitation. To the awkward conversation at the bar. To the awkward arrival at Katherine’s mansion. To the uncomfortably awkward and sad reveal that the boss was getting a divorce, the show plodded along content with making us feel uncomfortable. Especially with the swimsuits.

But when the team tried to make a run for it, they relented to stay back and console their boss, who was obviously asking for some help during a tough time. The show played the heartstrings rather well in that regard.

And the rest of the show was rather enjoyable because of it. The Cyrus karaoke. Wesley’s grand gesture to Dori’s grandmother. The impromptu dance party. It all worked. All the way down to the sleepover.

Any show can do a ‘party’ episode. “The Office” did it well a few times, “Parks and Rec” and “30 Rock” also pulled it off really nicely. American Auto can now say that they were able to pull it off as well.

Some housekeeping notes.

We’ve seen the company stock go up a couple of times now. That’s what they do. They go up. They go down. While many of us are obviously hoping for a third season, we could get another multi purpose finale like we did last season.

But the show is definitely much stronger than it was last year.

See you next time.

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