Ted Lasso: We are really, really, going to regret getting Zava

Be careful what you wish for Richmond.

Many of us may have been thinking that when this week’s episode of Ted Lasso came to a close, as football superstar (or diva depending on how you look at it), Zava, announced that he was coming to play for Rebecca and Ted, slighting both Chelsea and Rupert in the process at a big press conference.

The truth is that there is an excellent chance that we have all encountered a “Zava”. A high profile shiny object that many of us believe will deliver victory, completely ignoring the problems that come along in tow.

While we know that Ted Lasso is a master team builder, we also understand that he’s got a lot going on as well. He’s got Nate coaching the rival team. He’s got Roy dealing with his break up with Keeley, and this in addition to this blood feud Rebecca has with her ex husband, and his own personal issues that he’s still getting help over.

This is also the final season of the show. There might be a chance that Zava could be the bringer of defeat for a program that doesn’t always interpret victory from what numbers are flashing on the scoreboard. Remember the Jamie Tartt angle?

Some other notes..

That locker sequence was one of the best dialog driven scenes I have watched in a while. It kept stacking and stacking and stacking. My favorite part may have actually been when Ted threw the keys at Beard when his back was turned.

That Keeley sequence in the boardroom was meant to demonstrate some progression on her level as well. That was a very “Ted” like talk that she gave to her uppity assistant manager.

That card with the “C” surrounding many fishes meant to make Roy feel better after his break up was amazing.

See you next time.

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