June 23, 2024

Quantum Leap: The best leap of the freshman campaign has a puzzling ending

Holy crap. That was a hell of a leap. I’m exhausted.

This week’s Quantum Leap was the best episode of its first season as Ben leaped into the body of a 1950s PI to break an innocent woman out of an insane asylum, before she could be subjected to cruel experiments.

The episode got almost everything right, and had me shouting at the TV a couple of times. There is a lot to unpack here. Let’s not waste any time.

Ok. So Martinez is an opponent. A leaper trying to implement his future at the cost of Addison’s life, which is what Ben is leaping to protect.

We know this because Janis knows this. Real fast. How stupid was the team for keeping her on house arrest all of this time? They put Ben’s life in danger by not using her expertise and I’ve been asking where she’s been for a while now.

The Ben and Martinez team-up was enjoyable albeit short when the latter tried to kill the former. Does this now mean that Martinez has a clear shot at killing Addison? You know that will be an awkward reunion when it inevitably happens.

We should probably talk about that mole reveal.

The roll out was terrific but having Ziggy be the “big bad” does give us more questions than answers. What is the endgame? I supposed we’ll find that out, but we’ve got two more episodes this season and then an entire second season to work with.

Still, this episode was absolutely terrific. Its a great time to be a Quantum Leap fan.

See you next time (which looks like a great time).

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