Not Dead Yet: Nell should be solving murders, not writing obituaries

No new Not Dead Yet this week (Thanks ABC). We’ll stick this next to the other unneeded breaks you’ve put your new shows, on including Will Trent and that ridiculous Alaska Daily hiatus.

But since we’re being given another breather we didn’t ask for, let’s talk about possibilities for our favorite scribe for the fallen.

If we’re being completely honest, the show should eventually move Nell to the crime section in her newspaper to cover homicides. Yes, I understand that’s quite the departure from listening to puppeteers and motivational speakers. I imagine a conversation with someone who’s been murdered might go a little differently.

But it warrants a try out.

Imagine she gets assigned a story. That murdered person tells Nell what they saw and she guides the police to the killer. She breaks the story. The newspaper sees an increase in circulation. Lexi can tell her dad to shut up and everyone goes home/on to the afterlife happy.

It would also push forward Nell’s desire for validation. She’s had a rough go at it. There have been times where I’ve questioned if she’s suffering from a mental illness (story HERE). Last week, I swore that she would have been better off simply going home and working in her family’s restaurant (story HERE).

Or the show could stay the course. It hasn’t gotten a renewal yet. I’d like to see more of what they could do. And I’d like to see it try to grow with that Abbott Elementary lead-in.

So, let’s consider having Nell try to bring some killers to justice. It might be more entertaining to watch than you think.

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