July 15, 2024

Gotham Knights: The Talon is kinda of a wimp though

Gotham Knights was back with their second episode this week, and the show continued its upward trajectory with another fun outing.

We had the gang go back to the scene of the crime in an attempt to clear their name, as the Court of Owls go-for kept claiming the heads of cops in the area.

What we got was our first showdown (and really team battle) as these toddlers gave our first “big bad” everything he could handle and then some. We had this intimidating score as he walked on to the set and my man couldn’t even open a car door before getting taken to task by a prep school fencer.

It’s all good. We still had fun. After all, its the second episode. I fully expect our heroes to level up as well. This is part of the journey.

For the second straight week, we saw Duela (Olivia Rose Keegan) keep up her scene stealing ways. Granted, playing The Joker’s daughter is a wide open playground for her to showcase what she can do, but she’s the best part of the show right now. Listening to her philosophy on being abandoned is a major theme for all of these characters.

I’m not sure why. But I don’t trust Stephanie. They gave her some cover being the daughter of a game show host, but I don’t know.

Its also pretty cool how they’re having Cressida progress. The anti-Alfred is making the most of her screen time.

Great episode. Let’s keep rolling with it. See you next time!

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