July 24, 2024

Abbott Elementary: Yes, “The Kiss” was rushed but it was also perfect

In a pretty random episode of “Abbott Elementary” this week, we had our first kiss between Janine and Gregory in a “living classroom” of a garden.

It was perfect. The lighting. The mood. The fact that it was a classroom brought to life by flowers. It’s pretty hard to get more romantic than that.

But it was also rushed. It was. I would have preferred we went down this road in the beginning of season 3. I’ve said it many times that happy couples make for boring TV, even though Janine and Gregory aren’t a couple and are going to “throw it out”.

They may be able to. But we can’t. Now, we have to deal with Maurice. I’ve said that he is going to end up with Amber, and that will give our favorite couple the green light to start dating (story HERE). Then we can really start to have fun.

But the truth is that when Gregory and Janine officially start dating then we’ll officially begin the back half of the show. It is such a big part of the ongoing story.

It doesn’t matter though. That kiss was perfect. And the moment wasn’t going to get better than that.

Some other notes..

The Addington takeover was a point I believe got muted in all of the noise over the kiss. That’s important.

Janine getting called Bilbo and then the show immediately following up with a shot that made her look as tiny as possible was great direction.

We should all strive to be like Barbara and Melissa. Huzzah!

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