July 13, 2024

American Auto: A Dolphin jumping over a Yin and Yang

We got a new American Auto this week, and Katherine decided that Payne Motors needed a shake up, with fresh office decor, a next level AI, and a new edgy sports car.

We’re going to start with the best part of the show, and this week it was Katherine and Cyrus designing that new sports car. “American Auto” has done such a great job in their sophomore campaign sticking this cast in what can at times best be described as an amusement park for laughs. Science fairs. Luxury Mansions. Shady Silicon Valley start-ups. This week was another great example.

The decision to have Ana Gasteyer and Michael Benjamin Washington play in front of this virtual reality car assembly program was a blast. But its not just visual effects alone. The actors still have to make it work and watching the joy Katherine got from the new toy, as well as watching both of them take a spoiler from each other was good comedy television.

There were other wins. The Elliott falling in love with an AI ala Joaquin Phoenix in “Her” should have come off stale but was still entertaining. Having Cyrus flip the accent was a particularly nasty but humorous reveal.

Watching Dori and Wesley go to war over the photos in the hallway was also enjoyable. Casts should be interchangeable parts that can work with the other on any given plot. Those two demonstrated that here.

And a rare shoutout to the wardrobe department. The cast looks good every week but everyone had some great fits that jumped out well this time out.

See you next time.

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