Abbott Elementary: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Bad Hats, with a cliffhanger

Abbott Elementary had another winner this week. There is a a lot of goodness to unpack. Let’s not waste anytime.

Let’s talk about the funny stuff first.

The cold open was maybe the best of the season. We had Gregory in the Pharrell hat that couldn’t draw praise from anyone including Janine who spoke the title of this post. Principal Ava was in top form, including the “Don’t give Jesus my credit” line, which was a big winner online. And then there was the battle royal over the teachers fighting for the tickets to see the Philadelphia 76ers. I swore the place was going to erupt WWE style when Barabara hit Melissa with “Yous is not plural for you.”. The entire sequence was just delightful.

Janine and Ayesha, her estranged sister, hit close for a lot of families. Family relationships are complicated. We’ve seen those challenges with almost every member of the cast. I thought the back and forth in each of those exchanges have been terrific.

If you haven’t watch Ayo Edebiri, who played Ayesha this week, in “The Bear”, you should. The show is great and she is going to do some awesome things. She’s also on her way to the MCU. You should learn that name. Its going to be around for a bit.

We also had something of a cliffhanger that will like set up our runway for the end of the season. There is going to be a debate over whether Abbott Elementary will be a charter school. This is going to be a big moment for the show. I could see it going either way.

I’ll see you next time.

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