The Mandalorian: We could have a traitor who broke out Moff Gideon

The Mandalorian left us with something of a mystery this week, after an exhilarating episode that saw the group liberate Nevarro after it was invaded by the pirates we met in the season premiere.

We could have a traitor in our midst that helped Moff Gideon escape New Republic custody.

Let’s do a quick rundown of possible suspects.

It could just be Imperial Loyalists, like Officer G68, who showed up on TV again. This would be the simple A to B solution, and that would be fine for an excellent Star Wars product like this one.

Perhaps, it could be The Armorer. Her behavior this week was just weird. She asked Bo Katan to take off her helmet, just a short time after she was redeemed, and claimed that she could reunite Mandalore. Didn’t they just get a new home on Navarro? And they found Veskar at the wreckage.

It could be Bo herself. While we all believe that she’s turned a corner and has found a new home with the group, she does love power and she’s not where she once was.

They could also just make it some random cat. Like I mentioned before, The Mandalorian has been so good, they don’t need a riveting mystery to ensure we’re going to watch every week.

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The action was terrific again during the liberation of Nevarro. I enjoyed watching The Armorer fight, and it was satisfying to see Carl Weathers again.

And I see you, Tim Meadows. Its incredible to see a Saturday Night Live alum make it to Star Wars. Cheers.

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