Quantum Leap: Leap to the Future

Quantum Leap was back this week with the penultimate leap ahead of the first season finale for the renewed show. While we do understand that we’re getting a season 2, it does make the closing events of this particular leap no less important.

And let’s talk about what was an enjoyable filler leap, as Ben jumped into the body of a flight attendant in 1971, complete with prime rib and caviar service aboard their luxury flight. We had an attempted hijacking and ransom call, but Ben along with one of the most annoying but ultimately endearing leap sidekicks made the episode worth while, after some ingenuity and suspense in stopping their attackers.

But the show was working up to its very interesting conclusion.

After Ben gets everyone to safety aboard the flight, he leaps into the future and into the middle of a nuclear winter. We discover a seemingly destroyed Ziggy and Ian wandering about the wreckage. Something has gone terribly wrong and the finale will try to set out and fix whatever happened.

The team didn’t get to use Ziggy this week. We don’t know if that will continue into next week. Obviously, we the viewers, have many more questions than answers.

Where exactly are we in the future?

What went wrong and allowed this disaster to happen?

Where exactly do we go from here?

And those are just a few broad strokes. We still haven’t touched on Martinez, Ziggy’s motive, and the rest of the team.

But the field has been set for what should be a satisfying finale.

I’ll see you there!

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